Making Inhumane

A major influence on me when I wrote “Inhumane” was the 1941 film “The Wolf Man” with Lon Chaney Jr. I also loved 1935’s “Werewolf of London,” which I’ve seen since I wrote the script.

A lot of werewolf movies are about the struggle with the loss of control, and with the loss of one’s humanity.

I wanted to give our protagonist a reason to give in to that loss.

As a writer, I think anything we write is a reflection of numerous films we’ve seen over the course of our lives.

Certainly, this movie was also heavily influenced by the many revenge flicks I’ve seen, probably most of all by the original “Conan” and “Robocop,” both of which fit the definition of a revenge movie. Others I really liked were: Rolling Thunder, Death Wish, Lady Snowblood, Kill Bill, and the original Last House on the Left.

In tone, this movie is meant to be visceral and gritty. I loved the tone of “Green Room,” and of the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

These films pulled no punches, and neither will ours!

Our film is first and foremost an examination of the psychological issues inherent with losing one’s humanity. It is NOT meant to exploitive in any way. I love grindhouse and exploitation cinema with a passion, and I thought about making our film grindhouse, but I ultimately I decided that wasn’t the right tone to strike.

Make no mistake about it, our heroine is a BADASS, and this is a FEMINIST film!

We can’t wait to film it, and we hope you love it!

– Eric Winkler

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